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Movie PostersName
A vampire who is in love with a mortal
Two best friends who have their weddings on the same day, and they argue over it
A women whose life has always been haunted by a demon and when her husband starts taking crazy measures, the demon gets angry
An old man tells his wife with alsheimer's disease about their love memories
A old women possess dummy's or puppets causing them to kill those who have them
The first of many movies in which a group of friends trick or play with death, then they find themselves in order to meet up with death
A girl who wants to play soccer and beat a team, so dresses up like a boy
The life of a man and his dog. The dog later dies.
A highschool group of friends reunite later in life with their wives and kids.
A girl who was abused at a young age, and gets killed. Later, attacking those who watch the video she made

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