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I broke away from the family tradition when I didn't attend Ole Miss.
I was drafted by the Atlanta Falcons without coaches approval. My first pass in the NFL was a interception return for a touchdown.
Growing up near San Francisco, Joe Mantana was one of my idols, and I was also drafted in 1995 to play catcher by the Montreal Expos.
I set a NCAA record with a 99 yard pass to Vinny Sutherland aginst Northwestern on 9/25/99
I have been struck by lighting, twice. Also, my sister-in-law is a co-host of The View.
I was born in Santa Claus, Indiana. As well as in football, I was sellected to tha All-State Teams in basketball and baseball my senior year.
I was the only Quarterback to start 4 consecutive Bowl Games at Purdue. I also say 'EA Sports, It's in the game' in NCAA 2006
I spent my freshmen year at the University of Pittsburgh and then transfered to the University of Deleware
I had a .300 batting average when I was captian of my high schools baseball team. I didn't play Quarterback until senior year in High School because the coaches son was on the team
I set a NCST record with 51 college starts.

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