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Description / QuestionAnswerHint
New secretive house mother-
Got a new job in the libary-
Where did Mick move away to?-
Who is Fabian's new 'Study Buddy'?-
He bought Nina & Joy matching dresses for the ball-
Who pours milk over Eddie's head?-
Who's life is currently at risk?-
Where is Jerome's Dad?-
What is the name of Jerome's sister?-
Where do the SIBUNA gang get most of their clues?-
The code for the secret passage in the bookcase-
Description / QuestionAnswerHint
Turns out Joy's not the chosen one, who is it?-
Who did the doll house use to belong to?-
Fabian's uncle-
The first to loose their sight for 24h-
Kisses Joy by 'mistake'-
Has a dead bird in office-
He re-joins SIBUNA with Patricia-
Trying to help Poppy to find her dad-
Who gave Nina the mark of Anubis?-
What time was the SIBUNA Clearing-
Who replaces Mick-

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