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Can you name the other obscure characters from the Harry Potter books?

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First NameSurnameHint
MichaelOne of Ginny's many boyfriends
FrankGardener for the Riddle Family
MarcusRavenclaw student
BathildaAuthor of 'A History of Magic'
AndromedaSister of Narcissa
TerryRavenclaw student
WilhelminaHogwarts teacher
ArabellaNeighbour of the Dursleys
RegulusBrother of Sirius
PiersDudley's friend
MeropeSister of Morfin
First NameSurnameHint
GriseldaHead of the Wizarding Examinations Authority
HestiaOrder of the Phoenix
AidanIrish quidditch player
DemelzaChaser during Harry's 6th year
DilysFormer Headmistress of Hogwarts and Healer
AlectoDeath Eater
EmericAuthor of 'A Beginner's Guide to Transfiguration'
LavenderGryffindor student
BathshedaAncient Runes teacher
SeptimaArithmancy teacher
Jimmy New Gryffindor beater (after the Weasleys)
Hassan Referee at the Quidditch World Cup

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