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Lightning War used by Germany
Period of limited activity 1939-1940
British army in France
Becomes PM on May 10 1940
Name given to Germany, Italy and Japan
French defence the Wehrmacht went around
Where British troops assembled for retreat
Number evacuated in May/June 1940
Ruler of defeated France
Main German fighter aircraft
Most important British fighter aircraft of 1940
Invention allowing Britain to track enemy planes
Name given to bombing of British cities
City famously bombed in November 1940
War to ensure Britain's supply lines were open
American agreement to supply Britain during war
Main threat to allied shipping
Code broken by British spies
German invasion of Russia
City put under siege for three years
Key turning point of the war in the East
Main tank battle in 1943
Leader of British Bomber Command
City bombed in February 1945
Main US bomber
Main British bomber
6 June 1944
Omaha, Utah, Gold, Juno and Sword
Artificial harbours used to supply Overlord troops
German offensive in the Ardennes
German guided missiles used in 1944-45
8 May 1945
Japanese island invaded in April 1945
Site of first A-Bomb used aggressively
The plane which carried this bomb
15 August 1945

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