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Region of SE Asia under colonial control
Colonial masters of Vietnam
Occupiers of Vietnam in World War II
Resistance movement to colonial rule before 1954
Leader of Vietnamese communists
Victory of Vietnamese over their colonial masters in 1954
Communist General who achieved this success
Treaty for colonial withdrawal and division of Vietnam
Dividing line between North and South Vietnam
Capital of the North
Capital of the South
Leader of the South until 1963
US fear of communist expansion in Asia leading to further losses
Popular name for the National Liberation Front for South Vietnam
Acronym for South Vietnamese Army
US operation to control peasants in early 1960s
Attack on USS Maddox in 1964
Congressional authority given to expand US military involvement
US Air Operation to 'bomb Vietnam back to the stone age'
Route of supplies to provide support for insurgents in South Vietnam
Defoliant used to clear jungle trails
Burning petroleum jelly
US tactic to root out insurgents from villages
Commander of US troops in Vietnam up to 1968
US technology for movement of troops
Standard length of US tour of duty
Effort by US to provide aid and support to Vietnamese people
Anti-personnel mine which explodes at waist height
Question Answer
Means by which rebels could infiltrate major cities
Acronym for Army of North Vietnam
Major assault on US position in Vietnam in January 1968
Most high profile target of the attack
US airbase which came under attack from North Vietnam
Ancient city lost to US control and then regained
US President who chose not to stand again in 1968
US President 1969-1974
Massacre carried out in 1968 by US troops but kept secret
Policy to hand responsibility for South Vietnam to South Vietnam
US bombing campaign expanded into this country
Neighbouring country South Vietnam unsuccessfully intervened in
Location of Peace Talks started in 1968
Leader of South Vietnam
Chief negotiator for USA
Chief negotiator for North Vietnam
Country visited by USA which forced North Vietnam to negotiate
US bombing campaign in December 1972 to force peace
Port city which was a major target
Refusal to be conscripted into the army
Civil Rights leader and critic of the war
Location where four students were shot dead in Vietnam protest
Leaked documents which led to criticism of US escalation in Vietnam
Month and year of Peace Agreement to end US involvement
Month and year of fall of South Vietnam capital
Number of US troops killed in action
Number of North Vietnamese and NLF troops killed (in millions)
Higher estimate number of civilians killed in the region (in millions)

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