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Can you name the features from Stalin's Russia for GCSE?

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Year of Lenin's death
Iosif Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili
Stalin's position in the Party
Lenin's thoughts criticising Stalin are in this
Leader of the Red Army and favourite to succeed Lenin
Event the above failed to attend
Politburo member and party boss for Moscow
Politburo member and party boss for Leningrad
Politburo member and main supporter of NEP
Politburo member and Chair of Sovnarkom
Politburo member and Head of Trades Unions
Idea put forward in 1924 by Stalin to develop Russian communism
Economic policy supported by Stalin until 1928
Amount of time Stalin claimed the USSR had to catch up with the West
State-controlled system to industrialise Russia
State Planning Committee which oversaw industrialisation
New City built from almost nothing in the Urals
Coalminer celebrated for his rate of work
Slave Labour Project linking White Sea to Baltic
Policy of consolidating farms into larger units
Question Answer
Desired population shift as a result
Means to raise money for investment
Richer peasants persecuted and deported by Stalin
Russian name for new type of farm
Region particularly badly affected by Stalin's policies
Estimated death toll as a result of Stalin's actions
Style of government under Stalin
Means of cleansing out unwanted elements in the Communist Party
Stalin's secret police
System of Soviet Labour Camps
Estimated number of Russians sent to camps 1934-1938
Party boss of Leningrad killed in 1934 starting the period
Means of accusing and punishing old Bolsheviks
Name given to this period
Group targeted significantly reducing Soviet international power
Adoration of Stalin and his acheivements
Use of imagery and slogans to promote Stalin
Style of art favoured by Stalin
Proclaimed in 1936 to make the USSR the most democratic country in the World

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