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Name of Tsar in 1914The last of the Romanov dynasty
Type of government inTsarist Russia
Who did Russia fight in war in 1904?
Parliament created by Revolution in 1905
Chief Minister known for repression 1906-1911
Bulk of the Russian Population
Landowners who wielded political power
Symbol of Russia's industrialisation
Strikes in 1912 showing proletarian discontent
Middle Class liberal party in Russia
Party representing the rural masses
Revolutionary socialists advocating Marxism
Socialists advocating gradual transition
Battle lost by Russia in 1914and Masurian Lakes
Attempted military breakthrough in 1916
Wife of Tsar put in control during the war
Holy man able to advise the Romanovs
Steelworks in Petrograd, crucible of revolution
Month of February Revolution
What Tsar did in a railway carriage near Pskov
QuestionAnswerExtra Info
New administration in charge of Russia
Leading member of the above
Vladimir Illych Ulyanov
Lev Bronstein
Slogan of the Bolsheviks
Lenin's ideas on return to Russia
Attempted Bolshevik takeover
Failed coup by the Russian military
Month of the October Revolution
Storming of this symbolised the revolution
New ruling body set up by LeninCouncil of People's Deputies
Elected body disbanded by Bolsheviks
Peace Treaty signed with Germany
Enemies of the Bolsheviks in the Civil War
Era of repression by the Cheka to ensure victoryCheka were secret police
Britain, Japan, USA and ... intervened in Civil War
Economic Policy established to ensure victory
Mutiny of the Navy opposed to Lenin
Revised economic plan which encouraged freer markets
New State established in 1923Union of Soviet Socialist Republics

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