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Can you name the following features of life in Britain during WWII?

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PM at start of war
Movement of vulnerable people out of cities
Prevention of light pollution
Blimp used to stop low flying
German Air-raids on Britain
Volunteers at time of bombing
Information to encourage actions and att
Restriction of information
The feeling of population towards the war
Bomb shelter in the garden
Bomb shelter in home
Leader of coalition government 1940-1945
Labour minister in charge of work
Slogan encouraging women's employment in munitions
Organisation to encourage female farming
Slogan encouraging saving of resources
Flying branch of armed forces for women
Slogan encouraging growing own food
Government restriction of foods
Means to enable safer supply of resources from USA
Arrest and imprisonment of foreign nationals
'Dad's Army'
Overpaid, oversexed and over here
Document outlining creation of welfare state
PM at the end of the war (in Japan)

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