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Can you name the features of Cold War History 1945-63?

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President of USA 1933-1945
British wartime PM
US President 1945-53
Leader of USSR 1929-1953
Conference held in the Crimea
Conference held at end of war in Europe
Device used to end war in Asia
City of nuclear devastation
Country falling to communism in 1948
Leading to acceptance of...
Ideology involving state planning
Ideology of the free market
Policy of preventing spread of communism
City divided into four sectors
Stalin's attempt to remove west from city
Western response for 11 months
The Soviet military
Country falling to communism in 1949
War broke out here in 1950
Leader of the North
Leader of the South
Head of UN operations
Marine landings
Dividing line between North and South
Treaty at end of war
Thermonuclear device
Atlantic alliance
Its eastern counterpart
Soviet leader emerging by 1955
US President 1953-61
Country seeking to remove Soviets in 1956
Communist leader
Reforming leader selected
Western powers distracted by...
US fear the USSR had more planes
US fear the USSR had lead in new technology
Long range nuclear weapon
May 1960 incident
Pilot involved
1st Satellite
1st Man in Space
Built in August 1961
Said I am a Doughnut
Pro-Western Leader of Cuba
Revolutionary turned Leader
Failed landing in April 1961
US Principle of independence in Western Hemisphere
Group decided US response to missiles on Cuba
US name for Blockade
Highest state of alert reached
Negotiator with Soviets/US Attorney General
Where Jupiter missiles were based
Name for warlike advisors to the President
Date of Cuban Missiles Crisis
Agreement to improve East/West Communication
Agreement to limit nuclear capacity

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