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Can you name the features of the Cold War 1955-1970?

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Country in which Gomulka became leader during the Thaw
Hardline Communist ruler of Hungary up to 1956
He was replaced by...
who in turn by replaced by the popular...
Statue pulled down as symbol of removing Soviet power
Planned change to political system
Hungary planned to leave the ...
Soviet tanks used on the streets of Budapest in November 1956
Pro-Soviet leader imposed following the uprising
Crisis involving the Western Powers at the same time
Number of Hungarians who fled after 1956
Thermonuclear weapon
First satellite in space launched by USSR in 1957
Type of rocket which could send a warhead to anywhere in the World
Polaris was a type of weapon system relying on these
US spy plane which carried out missions over USSR
Largest ever test explosion carried out by the USSR in October 1961
Principle that neither side would go to far in fear of the consequences
MAD is short for?
Slogan of US public information films
Group committed to elimination of nuclear weapons
Issue highlighted by Eisenhower of too close a relationship between the armed forces and big business
The Corona programme launched the first of these
Space mission for first manned flight
First man in space on 12 April 1961
Leader of US space programme (and Nazi maker of V2 rockets)
US manned mission to the moon programme
US space agency
President who gave a commitment to get a man on the moon by 1969
First man on the moon in 1969
Pilot of spy plane shot down over USSR in May 1960
International gathering the same month
US claimed the plane was studying ...
Walked out of conference in disgust
Spy programme had proved the fallacy of this
Date of the building of the Berlin Wall
Leader of East Germany
Reason given by the east accused the west of...
Frontier post in the Wall which was at the heart of a tank standoff
US President said 'a wall is a hell of a lot better than a...'
Pro-US leader of Cuba
Revolutionary leader and later communist
Year of Cuban Revolution
Those who fled Cuba and asked USA for help
April 1961 attempted invasion which was a humiliating failure
Cuba relied on economic aid and military support from ...
Date of discovery of nuclear missiles on Cuba
Group set up by US President to come up with a suitable response
Person put in charge of group
Option ruled out
Option ruled out
Option ruled out
Option ruled out
Option decided
UN Ambassador to UN who said he would wait for Soviet response 'until hell freezes over'
Country in which US had missiles they were willing to trade a removal from
The crisis was resolved, Cuba would remain ...
and there would not be a future US ...
Agreement to facilitate communication between USA and USSR
Agreement to limit atomic testing
Period of improved east/west relations
New Soviet ruler who replaced Khrushchev in 1964
New leader of Communist in Czechoslovakia in 1967
He promised to create socialism with a ...
Proposed new party to be set up
Name given to period of reforming in Czechoslovakia
Reforms were not approved by members of ...
Date of invasion and crushing of the reforms
Policy of non-violent resistance practiced
Soviet statement of principles of cooperation in Eastern Europe
Essential political system
Essential membership

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