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Can you name the features from the Cold War 1945-55?

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Ideology of free market economics
Representative government
Ideology of state planned economics
Extreme dictatorial type of government
President of USA 1933-1945
Ruler of USSR 1928-1953
Common enemy shared up to 1945
Summit meeting in the Crimea in Febraury 1945
Agreed to different European spheres of ...
and the promise of free ...
Month of the end of war in Europe
Conference held in July 1945
US President 1945-53
Country over which US and USSR disagreed over the government and borders
Germany was divided in four ...
and its capital Berlin into four ...
New weapon which brought about the end of war in Asia
Cites which were targets
Divide between Eastern and Western Europe identified by Churchill
Soviet military occupiers in Eastern Europe
US policy to prevent the further expansion of Soviet influence
Commitment to support by arms states under pressure from communism
Countries under threat who could be assisted by the above
US policy of providing economic assistance to countries in danger of communism
US senate only approved above after this country became communist
Figure in dollars of the assistance given by the USA
Attempt by Stalin to remove western influence from Berlin in 1948
Western response which lasted 11 months
State created in the East of Germany
State created in the West of Germany
Military alliance signed by USA and other western powers to stand firm against Soviet expansion
Its Soviet and Eastern European equivalent signed in 1955
Year that China became communist
Leader of the Chinese Communist Party
Dividing line between North and South Korea
Leader of the communist North
Leader of the pro-Western South
Following invasion by the North, the only part of the South left unoccupied
Organisation which supported military response
Head of the military operation to support South Korea
Seaborne operation to claim back territory
Country which intervened after the North was pushed back
Situation in war 1951-53 where there was little change
Armistice to end the hostilities
New US president in 1953
Soviet leader who emerged following death of Stalin in 1953
His policy of criticising his predecessor
Name given to his aim of better co-operation with the west
Term for the improvement in Cold War relations
tempered somewhat what the devastating power of this new weapon

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