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Forced Order
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Who crushed the east anglian rebellion?
Does the modern interpretation of the lord protector reconcile itself with the classical interpretation?
Which protest in 1549 over enclosures evolved into a rebellion in east anglia?
What did the second book of common prayer tend closer towards the work of one of two famous reformed theologians?
How did the law change surrounding the eucharist and who it was given to in 1547?
Which rebellion started in June 1549 in the south west of England?
What punishment did the 1547 Vagrancy Act punish vagrants with?
What did the lord protector repeal to do with religion?
What title is commonly used to describe the lord protector in classical interpretations?
What did the lord protector consolidate further in terms of religion?
What did the lord protector allow to enter to country in large numbers?
Which prominent noblewoman did his son Guildford marry?
When was the First book of common prayer published?
When did France officially intervene in the war?
When was the second book of common prayer instituted?
When did northumberland begin recoinage?
The Chantry lands were dissolved at the beginning of the new king's reign, when was the act to dissolve them passed?
What city did northumberland following the peace treaty with france and scotland, but did it as a lease to avoid losing face?
Where was the largest concentration of the east anglian rebels?
What did the leader of the east anglian rebellion act as that made him an enemy of the state?
When was the lord protector finally overthrown?
What rebellion was triggered by the first book of common prayer and is mentioned prominently in the demands?
What city did France besiege?
What language was the first book of common prayer written in that made it a big issue?
What did the lord protector rule by?
What action made Northumberland very disliked?
What lead to Northumberland winning the leadership struggle?
What size did northumberland grow the privy council to be
Where did The lord protector Invade?
Who was the Lord protector of the new King
Who succeeded Henry VIII?
What was likely the underlying problem leading to much of the social problems of the time?
Who was monarch in the country invaded at the time?
What did the midlands commission of 1548 legislation involve?
How did The lord protector consolidate his position in the country he invaded?
What number did henry decree the size of the privy council was to be?
Who was northumberland's main opponent after the collapse of the lord protector's regime?
When did the invasion the lord protector planned begin?
Which trade league lost trade privileges to England in this time period?
When did Edward VI die?
When Did Henry VIII Die?
What was the marriage treaty that the lord protector tried to enforce through the invasion?
Where were there riots but no formal rebellion in 1549?
Name a close member of the lord protector's personal council

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