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How well do you know the reign of Mary Tudor?

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Who was the Habsburg ambassador during Mary's ReignSurname
How roughly many protestants fled England?
Name a major member of the Marian Privy CouncilIf the title doesn't work, try last name
Name a Restored BishopSurname
Did Mary gain or lose money?
Which centre that English protestants fled to was most extreme?
What day did Mary die?Day, Month, Year
Who significant did she ride with on 3rd August 1553?
What rebellion happened in 1554?
What kind of lands were threatened by Mary's attempt at reconciliation with Rome?
Where did England take from France in August 1557?
Name a significant part of the marriage treaty
Aside from the namesake, which other prominent people took part in the rebellion?Surname
When was the act of repeal passed?Month and Year
Who was posed as an alternative by the opposition to foreign marriage?Name or title
When were the first arrests of Protestant Ministers occur?Month and Year
Roughly how many people were executed after the rebellion?
What year did a flu epidemic which killed 5% of the English population start?
When was the first person burned for heresy?
How many Protestants were burned?
Where was the moderate centre most English protestants fled to?
Name one reformer who was imprisonedFull name, no titles
Who succeeded Mary?
What company was founded in 1555 for trade with the Muscovite Tsardom?
When did Mary Tudor Come to the throne?Day and Month too
Who wrote the Book of Martyrs?
When did war with France start?
How many members were there eventually on privy council
Name one area aside from Kent where the rebellion was plannedRegional area, not specific towns
Which important bishop died in November 1556?
Where did Thomas Stafford take when he made an attempted invasion of England in January 1557?
Where did she ride into on 3rd August 1553?
Name a significant person burnedSurname
What did the new archbishop differ from the council of Trent on?
Who headed an attempted rebellion against Mary in 1555 which failed before anything happened?First and Surname
Name one of those initially executed who wasn't the Duke of NorthumberlandFull name, no titles
What trade league did Mary grant privileges to which Edward VI had revoked?
What day was the rebellion ended?Day, Month, Year
Who was the pope who attempted to punish Pole for heresy?
What happened to John Dudley after Mary came to the throne
Who was the pope at the beginning of Mary's reign?
What city was taken in January 1558, never to return to English control?
When was the Marriage treaty published?Month and Year
What kind of priests did Mary remove from their jobs?
Who was appointed archbishop of Canterbury in 1557
Where was the first engagement of the rebellion?
Who did Mary marry in January 1556?
How many members were initially on her Privy Council?
What year did the harvest initially fail?
When did war start between Spain and the Papal States?

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