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Which historian believes that Elizabeth intended to marry, but circumstance got in the way?
What book did the archbishop of canterbury use to discipline those priests who refused to wear popish vestments?
What was the name of the plot which centred around a florentine banker and the earl of norfolk, planning to depose and kill elizabeth and replace her with mary queen of scots?
Which historian believes it was Elizabeth's intention to be a virgin queen?
Who was Elizabeth's chief advisor?
What historian believes that Elizabeth only intervened in the 1st french war of religion against the Guise and Valois in order to lose Calais for good and save face?
Who was the main protestant heir to the English throne at the beginning of the reign?
Which french nobleman was Elizabeth debating over marrying?
Who was the main catholic heir to the English throne at the beginning of Elizabeth's reign?
Who was the main leader of the northern rebellion?
Who was the first suitor that Elizabeth had?
When was the northern rebellion?Month and year
Which historian proposes that Elizabeth was strongly protestant, but tried to progress slowly as not to anger France or the Habsburgs?
Who wrote a refutation of the bull and is considered the most influential foreign theologian on anglicanism?
Who was removed from council, much to his surprise?
When were the marian bishops removed?Month and year
What was the name of the papal bull which excommunicated Elizabeth
Name the one marian bishop not removed by Elizabeth
When did Elizabeth finally take action against the vestments controversy?year
How many bills did Parliament try to issue regarding the reformation of the english church in 1566, all saving one failing?
When did elizabeth begin trying to repair the horribly debased coinage?year
What was the name of the second spanish ambassador?surname
How many priests lost their jobs for opposing the church settlement?
What made Elizabeth delay her discussion of the church settlement until after easter 1559?Had to do with foreign policy
When was the 3rd bill of supremacy accepted by Elizabeth?Day, month year
When was the St Bartholomew's day massacre?day month year
When was the thirty nine articles passedYear
HintAnswerextra info
As opposed to theological arguments which had punctuated Edward and Mary's reigns, what does Ryan Reeves use to describe arguments over vestments and candles etc.?Greek word
Who was the most prominent of the foreign suitors?
What was the name of the mass iconoclasm in the netherlands starting in 1566?
Which historian suggests that religious reform and marriage promises were used primarily for Elizabeth to extract extra subsidies from parliament?
What was Elizabeth's privy council at the start?
Who was the most prominent of the english suitorstitle or name
When did she turn down her first suitor?month and year
What did Elizabeth make herself in the church settlement, in stark contrast with Mary?Henry VIII had a similar title
When did Elizabeth take the throne?Day, Month, Year
What was the most significant modification of the 1552 Book of Common Prayer, reintroduced by the chuch settlement?Clothes
What year did Elizabeth intervene in the 1st french war of religion on the side of the huguenots?
When did Mary Queen of Scots land and was arrested in england?Month and year
What country's treasure ships were seized on the south coast of england en route to the Netherlands in 1569?
What was the size of Mary's privy council at the end of her reign?
Which city did english and huguenot forces try to relieve in the 1st french war of religion?
How many people were executed following the failure of the northern rebellion?
When did shane o'neill rebel in Ireland?year
What city was a key discussion point with France in 1559?
When did the vestments controversy start?year
Which historian postulates that puritan elements in parliament was able to push Elizabeth further than she wanted to go with regards to protestantism?
When was Elizabeth Excommunicated by the papacy?Day month year
What Catholic movement could you compare the puritans to in how they attempted to reform?Think of a popular dutch humanist
When did the protestants win the civil war in scotland with mary queen of scots?Month and Year
What was the name of the first spanish ambassadorsurname
Who did marriage discussion begin with in 1570?
Who was the archbishop of canterbury at the beginning of Elizabeth's reign?

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