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Forced Order
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What year did William Cecil die?Month and year
What play was controversially run, one day before the essex rebellion?
Who died in September 1588, seriously depressing Elizabeth?
What was the name of the irish nobleman backed by the spanish while fighting the 9 years war?
When did Philip II of spain die?Month and year
What city on the southern spanish coast was sacked in 1596?
Who is believed to have gotten Elizabeth to unwittingly sign Mary's death warrant?
What did the spanish create in 1590, in order to guard their treasure fleets from English and Dutch corsairs?
Who was to replace elizabeth if the 1586 plot succeeded?
Who was the main rival to the lord deputy of Ireland?
When was the anglo spanish war declared?
How many armadas were sent against England during the anglo spanish war?
When was the treaty of london signed, ending the Anglo spanish war?
What stopped the second and third armada in 1597?
Who succeeded Philip II?
What monopoly did Elizabeth get rid of in 1601, which provoked the Essex rebellion?
Who was the lord deputy of ireland, who spectacularly failed in dealing with the 9 year's war?
Roughly what proportion of the first armada made it back to spain after defeat?
What is the latin term describing the treaty of London?
What did the result of the first armada do to the protestant position theologically?
Where did the spanish land their soldiers during the 4th armada in 1601?
When was Mary Queen of Scots executed?Month and Year
What was the main issue with the rival to Essex?
What was signed in 1596, leading to Elizabeth to send 2000 soldiers to aid the french against the catholic league?
What year did Francis Walsingham die?Month and year
When did the first armada attempt to invade england?
What was the name of the plot in 1586?
Where did England attempt to raid in response to the first armada in 1589?
Which huge empire almost entered the anglo spanish war on the side of England?
When did henry become king of france, much to the dutch and english delight?Month and year
What did Elizabeth call Robert Cecil?
What was the title of the portuguese pretender the protestant alliance backed?
What was the treaty which is considered the casus belli for the anglo spanish war?
How did Elizabeth respond on being informed of Mary's death?
Which Catholic city did the first armada set anchor at where it was attacked by fire ships?
When was the essex rebellion?Month and year

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