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Forced Order
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Who was the governor of the netherlands which signed the document against spain?
What was the name of the reactionary union supporting the spanish in 1579?
Which earl led the two rebellions in Ireland during the 1570s and the early 1580s?
Name a person who seriously criticised the marriage plans
Where was the spanish fury in summer 1576?
Which was the huguenot house in france?
What side did the Treaty of Joinville bind together in the anglo spanish war?
What was the name of the document which linked many of the provinces of the netherlands against spain in the wake of the spanish fury?
Who did Elizabeth pay to put military pressure on the new king of France in 1574?
Who was appointed as Secretary of State in 1573?
What was the name of the rebellion in Ireland, ended by the death of the leader in 1572?
Which was the catholic house in france?
Which was the house in control of the French throne during the time period?
When was the battle of Gembloux, where the spanish governor defeated the states general?Month and year
What did the bond of association bind those who signed to do?
Where did the leader of the Classical movement flee to in 1574 in the face of Elizabethan persecution?
Name one of the two major nobles, whose deaths changed the situation in the netherlands and france dramatically
What came first, Nonsuch or Joinville?
Name one of the raiders of Spanish trade ships
What was the name of the union that united provinces against the spanish in January 1579?
Who was the heir to the French throne after the former heir's death?
What was the name of the leader of the Classical movement?
Who was one of the major ministers in the netherlands who was a serious asset to the new duke of Orange?
What was the name of the ambassador expelled by Elizabeth in 1584?
Which english noble died of dysentry in September 1586 trying to plantation ireland?
What was the name of the plot, where the guise tried to influence James VI of scotland in 1579?
Where was the english seminary school for catholics set up in 1574?
What did The new archbishop do to the queen that made him imprisoned for the rest of his life?
What was the name of a beautified catholic, executed in 1577 in Launceton?
Which family destroyed the first attempted plantation of ireland in 1571?
Which pro english scottish noble was executed in June 1581?Name of the land his title gave him
When was the leader of the irish rebellions killed?Month and year
Who succeeded the throne of France?
What was the name of the treatise Cecil wrote in 1583, where he assets that Regnans in Excelsis was a declaration of war?
Who led the netherlands after William the Silent's assassination?
Who replaced Matthew Parker as archbishop of canterbury in 1575?
What Holy Roman Elector did Elizabeth hire again in 1579 to back the dutch republic?
Who was Elizabeth's main suitor's title both in 1572 and 1578 to 1582?
What side did the Treaty of Nonsuch bind together in the anglo spanish war?
Who did the Dutch turn to after Elizabeth failed to act decisively for them?
What did the new archbishop refuse to do?
When was the bond of association?Month and year
Who replaced the former governor of the netherlands when he died in October 1578?
Who supported the rebellions in Ireland?
When was alliance attempted with France?Year
Who was the new king of France already king of after being elected by the Sejm?
Which king of France died in 1574?
How did Elizabeth respond to the Netherlands looking for alternative help?
What was the name of the plot in 1582, where the Duke of Guise would invade England with Spanish and Papal support?
What country had a succession crisis in 1580, resulting in Philip II inheriting the throne?

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