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What network system out of the two taught is the most vulnerable security wise?
What is a thick client?
What organisation hands out routable IP addresses?
What does SAAS stand for?
What is the blank in blank-server model?
Name one use of a subnet mask
What is segmentation?
What range does Bluetooth have?
What is the name of the protocol on Bus networks that only transmits when there is no signal and Monitors for collisions?
What is the purpose of a DNS server?
What device connects networks of different protocols?
What does MAC stand for?
What network system has no central servers?
What is IEEE-802?
What kind of network has computers in close proximity
What network topology has a bunch of computers all rigged together by one network cable?
What is the main pillar of web 2.0?
What is an internet?
What kind of network is a network of networks?
What is another name for a nonroutable IP address?
How does CSMA/CD deal with collisions?
What receives and sends data across a network?
What is a thin client?
What is the name of a bus network which works by switching connections so there are only 2 computers at once?
What process creates internets?
What hardware deals with moving packets and datagrams to their intended locations?
What is another name for a routable IP address?
What does CSMA/CD stand for?
What do all network adapters have?
How many bits is a MAC address?
What network has all the computers connected to a router or bridge?
What is the name of the collection of technologies that makes it such that only part of a web page has to be loaded at any given point?

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