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What was the nickname of an apprentice who was dragged through the streets of london and whipped in 1637 for his opposition to the Caroline church?
Which major figure controlled the council of the north, and eventually became the Lord deputy of ireland in 1632?
What was the name of the customs tax that charles used during the personal rule, but was granted for only 1 year by parliament in 1625?
What year did the personal rule begin?
To the nearest 10%, how much did ship money make before 1638?
When did the prayer book rebellion happen?
Who reduced the expenditure of Charles' Household?
What book, published in January 1631, was intended to tell Justices of The peace and sheriffs how to run their counties?
When did Charles get crowned king of Scotland properly?
Name a secondary means of finance charles used
What do whig historians believe ended the personal rule?
Name one of the theologians who had their ears trimmed, fined and imprisoned for attacking church policy relating to altars in 1637
How much did charles manage to increase crown revenue by during the personal rule
How did the imposition of anglican church doctrine go in Ireland?
What sect of christianity dominated Scotland?
How do post revisionist historians view the new archbishop?
How high was the debt for Charles' government in 1629?
What kind of people did the Lord Deputy of Ireland appoint as members of his irish council?
Who did the increased centralisation and role of Wentworth anger the most?
What ideology did the new archbishop champion?
What religion was Henrietta Maria?
Who landed in England in 1637 to resupply, much to the anger of protestants?
Name a member of the puritan network
'Charles regarded his court as a Microcosm of his State', who wrote this
What did Charles allow in his court in 1632 which seriously angered the puritans?
What do whig historians call the personal rule?
What was the name of the case surrounding charles' usage of monopolies and whom he granted them too?
What were the name of the small group of theologians which wrote based on the new religious ideology?
What ratio did the case against ship money lose by?
Who was made Archbishop of Canterbury in 1632?
What did the anglican church publish in 1633 to anger the puritans?
What did the prayer book rebellion evolve into, which eventually meant that charles had to recall parliament?
Who appeared to dominate the Caroline court ,in addition to the ideology of the new archbishop of cantervbury?
What legal case in 1637 shattered the use of ship money, in spite of charles winning?
What did William Prynne publish in 1632 which led to his ears being trimmed?
What attack did the Anglican church commit in 1633 against proselyting puritans?
How did the scots view Charles generally?
What kind of factors do revisionist historians believe ended the personal rule

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