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Forced Order
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When was the Short Parliament dissolved?Day, Month, Year
When were the 10 propositions sent to the king?Month and Year
What did charles issue in response to the Militia Ordinance?
Who went on trial in March 1640 for treason?Title or name
When was the Triennial act enacted?Day, Month, Year
What did Pym's splitting legislation pass by?
Who described the irish rebellion as having a 'billiard ball' effect?
How many people signed the attack on Episcopacy?
When did the Militia bill become the militia ordinance?Day, Month, Year
Who was Pym and the Puritan network connected to, which charles could have used to get them for treason?
When was the Long Parliament Called?Day, Month, Year
Who died on the 10th May 1641, which effectively ended the ability for both sides to compromise according to david farr?Title or name
Name one of the two high ranking members of Caroline Government arrested in November 1640
When was the Treaty of Ripon signed?Day, Month, Year
When was the Irish Rebellion?Month and Year
How did Charles react to the 10 propositions?
What was the name of the legislation, passed by Pym, which he used in order to split parliament into factions?
How was the act of attainder justified?
What two things did the protestation oath associate?
What was the name of the action that attacked Episcopacy?
Who suffered the act of attained and was executed on 12th May 1641?
When was the attack on Episcopacy?Month and Year
What did the Triennial act do?
What sect of christianity characterised the parliamentary radicalists?
When was the protestation oath called?Month and Year
How much did Charles have to pay the covenanters a day after the Treaty of Ripon?
What did the Militia Ordinance do?
When was the document that started the civil war get sent to the king?Day, Month, Year
What sect of christianity characterised the constitutional royalists?
When was the Short Parliament called?Day, Month, Year
What document eventually started the civil war?

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