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Forced Order
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When was the Cadiz Expedition?Month and Year
When Did Charles I ascend the throne?Day, Month Year
'He emphasised the majority of the crown and required unquestioning obedience', Who wrote this with regards to Charles?surname
What allowed those to do with the case to respond to their arbitrary imprisonment?Latin
Name the expedition Charles sent to the Palatinate
When was Charles' Favourite assassinated?Month and Year
What did Parliament only grant Charles for 1 year in 1625?Customs Tax
Which Arminianist Cleric did Charles support against Puritan's wishes in 1625 and 1626?
Who was Charles' Favourite until his assassination?Name or title
What year was the three resolutions proposed?
How did charles respond to the impeachment?
Name one of the countries Charles planned to fund in 1625?
When was the La Rochelle Expedition?
'Cold, withdrawn, and shifty. He was a weakling', who wrote this with Regards to Charles?surname
What did Charles impose in 1626 which caused anger from Parliament with regards to finance?
What event in 1618 caused the split between Arminianism and mainline Calvinism?City in the Netherlands, SPQR
What case happened in November 1627?
What piece of legislation, passed in June 1628, grew out of the three resolutions?
What conference at the Favourite's house debated the Arminianist cleric's works in 1626?
What year was the king's favourite impeached?
Name one part of the consitutional legislation in June 1628

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