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1774 Convention in Philadelphia to determine a reaction to their reduced liberties
Radical delegates in first continental congress:_______and ______ from ______and ________from ________
Moderate delegates: ____of____and _of ____
Conservative delegates: _____of ___and__of______
This measure rejected the intolerable acts by boycotting
2nd measurePetition urging king to restore colonial rights
Third measure that urged committees to enforce economic sanctions
Fourth measure would call a second _____ if rights weren't recognized
General of British who sent large force to seize colonial military supplies
____and____ warned militia to assemble to face british
First shot in American Revolution was at battle of _________ in April 18th, 1775
Battle fought on ____Hill on June 17th, 1775 was called ____ and resulted in heavy British losses
At 2nd continental congress, they adopted________ to call colonies for troops
______was commander of new colonial army
Congress organized force under _________to raid Quebec
In 1775, delegates voted to send _______ to King George III to pledge loyalty and ask for peace
King George III ignored petition and put in place _______ in August 1775 which declared the colonies in rebellion and forbid trade
In January 1776, ______ wrote the influential pamphlet, ______ to argue that colonies should break political ties and be independent
On June 2, 1776, _________introduced resolution for independence, which turned into ___________drafting the _________, which was adopted on July 4th, 1776
Two sides of Revolution: ______, who fought against Britain, and ______, who sided with British
Common name for those who sided with king
Washington's troops suffered through the winter in 1777-1778 at ____
Turning point of the war was the victory at ____ in New York, October 1777. Colonists were commanded by ____and_______. British were commanded by __. This battle led ____ to be all
______led the patriots in a 1778-1779 campaign to capture British Forts and gain control of part of Ohio
Last major battle of Revolutionary war in 1781 was fought in:___. George Washington and French beat British led by ________
1783 treaty that ended the revolutionary war
Document drafted by John Dickinson that became first constitution of USA
Policy under Articles of Confederation for surveying and selling western lands
The law under A of C set rules for creating new states. They had limited self-government and slavery was illegal
In 1786_____, a massachusetts farmer, led farmers in a riot called _______against state taxes, lack of paper money, and imprisonment for debt.
States adopted separation of ____and ______
____ took her husband's place at the Battle of Monmouth
____ passed as a man and served as soldier for a year
To deal with the issues in the a of c, _______hosted a conference, but the issue was so big that it had to be moved to become the _____convention, but only 5 states went
At the Annapolis convention, they decided to make the meeting in _____ to fix the A of C
_____was known as the father of the Constitution
Delegates tried to make government based on the idea of _______to prevent tyranny
Madison's plan for representation that favored large states
This plan countered the Virginia plan and it favored small states
Compromise solution between virginia plan and New Jersey plan was called __ provided a two-house congress.
Equal representation was in ____and proportional representation was ___
Trade compromise that allowed congress to regulate interstate/foreign commerce and tax imports, but not exports
Compromise made on issue of counting slaves in population
System of voting new president that was created to limit democracy
Supporters of strong federal government were ______. Opponents were __
__, __, and __ (alphabetical by last name) wrote ___ , persuasive essays for federalists
First Amendment:Right to free __,__,__,__,__(alphabetical) and separation of _and _
2nd amendment:Right to ___ in state militia
3rd Amendment:Can't be required to __ in peacetime
4th amendment:No unreasonable __ or ___
5th amendment:Rights to __, __, and __ with due process. Can't defend against yourself in court or _____
6th amendment:__and __ trial and right to call ___
7th amendment:In civil cases, right to __
8th amendment:protection from excessive bails and ___ or cruel or unusual ___for accused
9th amendment:Others rights not mentioned guaranteed against __
10th amendment:All powers not delegated to ___ government, belongs to state or people
The first congress under constitution was in ___ on March 1789 and __was elected first president unanimously
__ was secretary of state, __ was secretary of treasure, __was secretary of war, __ was attorney general. They formed ___
This act established a Supreme Court with one chief justices and five ____
____ didn't support involvement in French Revolution and issued the ____. Upset, ____resigned from the cabinet
_____, french minister to US, appeal to public to support revolution in retaliation to washington
Treaty that British would evacuate posts on US western frontier, but no stopping British seizures of ships
Jay Treaty led to ___, where Spain agrred to open lower Mi Rivier for American trade. Agreed that border could be 31st parallel
In 1794, ___led US army to defeat NA at ______
NA agrred to _____, which surrendered their claims to the Ohio territory
_____ was when farmers protested the whisky tax by attacking collectors. Washington but militiamen under Hamilton to control it. Controversial
Congress passed ____ in 1796 in order to made procedures for dividing and selling federal lands at reasonable price. Many states got added
1790s was often called the ____ because it was dominated by Federalist policies

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