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How well do you know the H301 Squad?

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What is Michael's Favourite Poster?
What Game does the squad have in comon?
Russel ____brook?
What is one Puszkar's rugby nicknames?
What did Jacob want to say on the first night?
Why couldn't Jacob go to the Gym for 2 months?
What is Connor's favorite Basketball team?
Puszkar's Favourite Football team?
What sport did Connor play house leauge in when he was younger?
What was Puszkar's Football #?
Name any of the Squad's Majors.
Is that a ____ Dinozzo?
Name any of McGee's nicknames?
What is the Squad food at the Movies?
____ is the Brampton slang for food.
What superhero does Jacob think he is?
What do the boys call Michael's business?
You can ____ anything you want.
What does the Squad procrastinate the most on?
And then it __.

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