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bony structure of head
top, back, and sides of skull
lower jaw bone
two fused bones forming the upper jaw
nose bones
bony structures around the eyes
forms the structure of the cheek bones
33 bones of the spinal column
the chest cavity
breast bone
superior portion of sternum
inferior portion of the sternum
basin shaped bony structure the supports the spine and is the point of proximal attachment for the lower extremities
superior and widest portion of pelvis
lower, posterior portion of the pelvis
medial anterior portion of pelvis
pelvic socket, where ball end of femur fits to form the hip joint
large bone of the thigh
medial, larger bone of the lower leg
lateral, smaller bone of the lower leg
protrusion on the side of the ankle
ankle bones
foot bones
heel bone
toe and finger bones
collar bone
shoulder blade
highest portion of shoulder
bone of the upper arm
lateral bone of the forearm
medial bone of the forearm
wrist bone
hand bones

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