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Safest search engine?
Least safest search engine?
Name and additional search engine?
Where do you type in your search?
Using a string of words to search is called what?
Add what around a phrase search?
Word that lowers search results?
What word is used to search for synonyms?
Word that prevents certain infromation from appearing?
An * and ? are examples of?
Captilization matters. True or False?
Singular or plural does not matter. True or False?
Name a stop word.
Favorites can be sorted into...
Tabbed sites that can be easily reached are called...
In order to organize favorites alphabetically; right click and hit which button?
To move favorites you_____the item.
You can access recently viewed sites in your______?
The history button is in your ______ bar.
Click on the star in the upper left to access your favorites,______, and history?

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