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'I never thought that the time and the distance between us made you so much colder'
'Girl, your final journey has just begun'
'Looking outside at the sky that had never been blue'
'I guess you're out of luck, your dream just lost a dreamer'
'Meaningless to fight for the victory'
'Time has come to escape, down to the chambers'
'Together regardless, we'll walk through the darkness'
'I'm fading, I'm barely breathing, can't hold on'
'One day I'll come back if the door's still open'
'My bed has become my coffin'
'The time has come to hide from the sun'
'She lives in the clouds, she talks to the birds'
'We swam in the fountains, beneath the northern stars'
'Sometimes, I feel like I should go and play with the thunder'
'I gotta break away from you Who will pay for all the things you've done I'm not the only one'
'You make me sick - you make me nervous'
'Like a soldier who failed the mission'
'fly away, fly away, from the torch of blame'
'Give me a reason, why would you want me'
'Reaching out for your hand, my fatal desire'
'Cause I still bleed from your last kiss'
'I will dream of you 'till I reach the sun'
'I'll be the shield for you, needless to say I'll stand in your way'
'The garden is dying, somebody is lying'
'You gotta shady reputation From bed to bed to man to man'
'The night is calling me like a drum'
'Fade away, the night is calling my name'
'When you're sad, and no-one knows it'
'Like an angel you came, everytime when I screamed'

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