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Can you name the Savage Garden or Darren Hayes song for these lyrics?

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'I want to lay like this forever, until the sky falls down on me'
'Turn me on, never stop, wanna taste every drop'
'I won't always be swimming against the tide'
'There's just no rhyme or reason, only this sense of completion'
'You'll have to dodge those in-line skaters, or they'll knock you down'
'You don't have to want to go on, even when they're killing you'
'I am throwing myself at things I don't understand, discover enlightenment holding your hand'
'When we met it was like future shock'
'Sail through the crimson skies, the purest light'
'Put me back on the shelf and give this pain to somebody else'
'Reaching out for human faith is like a journey I just don't have a map for'
'You confuse me in a way that I've never known'
'I wait in the darkness, frozen winds surround my face'
'Maybe we're just lost at sea, maybe I'm holding on to driftwood'
'It's been seven months and counting, you've moved on, I still feel exactly the same'
'Dancing to the disco, no one ever says no'
'And I've seen a hint of it, this happiness, this bliss'
'Once forgotten, twice removed, love will be the death, the death of you'
'I can't believe it's come to this, all our secret codes and battleships'
'Tell me isn't happiness worth more than a golden diamond ring'
'Can I make a confession? I'm lighting candles for you and I'
'I want to run through the jungle, the wind in my hair and the sand at my feet'
'Should I make a rocket, should I try to fly away'
'We can dream each other, to a new day, where the good guys always win'
'Beginning and ending, a story that continues never ever more'
'I am taken to a place where your crystal mind and magenta feelings take up shelter in the base of my spine'
'Nothing's peaches and cream, nothing's quite what it seems, they've been lying to you'
'I've been lonely, I've been searching the crowd for you, for you'
'When did your eyes get so icy blue, when did you stop seeing me as a reflection of you'
'This intoxication thrills me, I only pray it doesn't kill me'
'Springtime in the city, always such relief from the winter freeze'
'Go, turn all the fruits into bitter wine, it was only sweet when you were mine'
'We stumble in a tangled web, decaying friendships almost dead'
'Another ditch in the road, you keep moving, another stop sign, you keep moving on'
'This dog doesn't bite, oh, I just wanna be your friend, you know I've never been in love before'
'Cause woman I need your guiding hand, show me the way to the promised land'
'In the dark, a supernova can't keep, a burning sun from changing into something new'
'Let me be the one you call, if you jump, I'll break your fall'
'Sun and wind won't change you, and you'll escape the hands of time'
'No it's not a rehearsal, you only get one life so make it right'
'Looked down at me like I didn't have a life, and he was right, at least not the kind of life he'd been paradin'
'There's a magic only two can tell, in the dark night, ultra violet is a wicked spell'
'I know you want to break through, but we're worlds apart'
'Passion, desire so intense, I can't take anymore'
'I really need to find a way back home, oh it's so urgent'
'I believe your most attractive features are your heart and soul'
'I'm going to take these broken wings and learn to fly'
'Like cold chardonnay chilled for a day, you're smooth and crisp and on display'
'Feel my caress so soft and gentle, so delicate you cry for more'
'When you let me go and I'm on my way, when the world below is cold and grey'

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