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Forced Order
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'So I guess we're back to us, oh cameraman, swing the focus'
'Stomp your feet and clap your hands'
'Oh don't you wonder when the light begins to fade? And the clock just makes the colors turn to grey'
'We're swimming with the sharks until we drown'
'I want to go where everyone goes, I want to know what everyone knows'
'Here I am composing a burlesque'
'Stay where I can see you, douse the lights'
'I feel the salty waves come in, I feel them crash against my skin'
'Share one more drink with me, smile even though you're sad'
'Here's the setting, Fashion magazines line the walls now'
'All was golden in the sky'
'If you change your mind, you know where to find me'
'You're such a pretty thing, to be running from anyone'
'Cause there's always time for second guesses, I don't wanna know'
'When you're in black slacks with accentuating, off white, pinstripes'
'Where will you be waking up tomorrow morning?'
'We were busy writing songs for you'
'There's nothing wrong with just a taste of what you've paid for'
'The black magic of Mulholland Drive, swimming pools under desert skies'
'It grows like fancy flowers, but it grows nowhere'
'A. Indifference or B. Disinterest in what the critics say'
'I know the world's a broken bone, but melt your headaches, call it home'
'Cause they know, I know, that they don't look like me'
'His arms we're the branches of a christmas tree'
'This was no accident, this was a therapeutic chain of events'
'I'm the light blinking at the end of the road, blink back to let me know'
'Take my picture now, shake it til you see it'
'Those watermelon smiles, just can't ripen under water'
'Thats when you stu-stu-stutter something profound'
'These words are knives and often leave scars'
'Just lay in the atmosphere'
'Imagine knowing me'
'And I wouldn't be caught dead in this place'
'True, all of the good girls act so good, til one of them doesn't wait their turn'
'I'm going numb, I've been hijacked'
'I may never sleep tonight, as long as you're still burning bright'
'If I wake in the morning I only need two more miracles to be a saint'
'Back to the room where it all began'
'Raindrops on roses and girls in white dresses'
'There are feathers everywhere, but it's fine'
'Good, good now we're making some progress'
'There is simply nothing worse than knowing how it ends'
'Throwing a line out to sea, to see if I can catch a dream'
'I never gave a damn about the weather'
'Champagne, cocaine, gasoline and most things in between'
'In this town we call home, everyone hail to the pumpkin song'
'Go on, film the world before it happens'
'Does she know that my destiny lies with her'
'Well I never really thought that you'd come tonight, while the crown hangs heavy on either side'
'My touch is black and poisonous and nothing like my punch-drunk kiss'
'Well this calls for a toast, so pour the champagne'
'It was beautifully depressing, like a street car named Desire'

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