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Forced Order
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'Should have known passing through the gate, that once inside I could not escape'
'Do you feel me now, burning like a flame, If you touch me I may disappear'
'Every time I called you lost and down It's in your voice I find hallowed ground'
'I couldn't take it anymore, I wouldn't put up with what you put me through'
'You talk about my freedom, talk about my love'
'Do you wanna be a poet and write, do you wanna be an actor up in lights'
'A burning new sensation's flowing through me, I want you close to me'
'Clouds have all disappeared, freedom I hold so dear, 'cause nobody knows me here'
And 'I never want to lose this feeling, ‘cos I know without you there’s no sleeping'
'It's a long way from paradise to ordinary, picture us just smiling there, we didn't have a care'
'J'ai tant caché mes différences, sous des airs ou des faux semblants'
'On my word, I'll be there soon I'm coming to the rescue'
'You´ve such amazing grace, I´ve never felt this way'
'Sing low, so no one hears you and sing high, making me cry'
'If I was the sun I would shine my light to light your world'
'Cause it's a lot like me. I'm wonderin' when this all will end and I'll find the love I need'
'You say that I'm the only one, but I know it's just a lie.'
'Heroes rise, heroes fall, rise again, win it all'
'Hey, thanks a lot for invading my life, with your sweet earth smell and those soulful eyes'
'Longing for love, oh how we tried, It's over now that's understood'

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