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First LetterTermDefinition
AStanding on one leg with other leg extended to the back
AA jump from one to both feet
AOne leg raised with knee bent
BA lift of one leg forcefully into the air
CA sliding step where one foot chases the other
DAn ufolding of the leg in the air
FBringing your toe to one foot and extending both legs straight at the same time
FTo propel yourself around by bringing one foot out and thento the knee and turning
GA gliding step which lands on one foot then the other
GA large leap forward
First LetterTermDefinition
JA leap
PSmall fast steps with the feet close together
PCatlike leap where one foot follows the other in the air with the knees bent
PStepping onto the point of the foot
PA complete turn of the body on one leg with the other foot on the knee or ankle
PA bending with both knees, usually a warm up at the barre
PCarrying the arms to a certain position
RA rising to point or demi-point
RA circling of the leg in a half circle
SA fixing of the eyes on one spot as long as possible during turns

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