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What party did Holly throw on her balcony to make Vince jealous?She dates a 'nerd' to do this
What type of dance does Gary pretend to take in order to impress the girl teaching it?It's not his 'type' of dance
How does Lauren describe Holly and Val's dad?Their father is gay
Who does Holly meet in England?He's a musician
What were Val's favorite candy in high school (according to Rick)?They made her sweat
Where does Holly take Tina and Ben in order to make Vince jealous?It's where Holly gets sick
What skateboarder makes an appearance in the first episode?He is very famous
Who does Henry overhear saying that Holly has feelings for Vince?It was in the restaurant
Who ends up getting a hotel room right next to Val?She finds him annoying, but Lauren says it's 'fate'
What type of animal must Holly and Gary catch on the roof?Kyle kidnaps and brings it to Holly's apartment

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