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Can you name every Dota 2 ability of the middle 38 heroes?

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Io Q
Io W/D/F
Io E
Io R
Jakiro Q
Jakiro W
Jakiro E
Jakiro R
Juggernaut Q
Juggernaut W
Juggernaut E
Juggernaut R
Keeper of the Light Q
Keeper of the Light W
Keeper of the Light E
Keeper of the Light D (Ult)
Keeper of the Light F (Ult)
Keeper of the Light R
Kunkka Q
Kunkka W
Kunkka E
Kunkka R
Legion Commander Q
Legion Commander W
Legion Commander E
Legion Commander R
Leshrac Q
Leshrac W
Leshrac E
Leshrac R
Lich Q
Lich W
Lich E
Lich R
Lifestealer Q
Lifestealer W
Lifestealer E
Lifestealer D (Aghs)
Lifestealer D (Ult)
Lifestealer R
Lina Q
Lina W
Lina E
Lina R
Lion Q
Lion W
Lion E
Lion R
Lone Druid Q
Lone Druid W
Lone Druid E
Lone Druid D
Lone Druid R
Luna Q
Luna W
Luna E
Luna R
Lycan Q
Lycan W
Lycan E
Lycan R
Magnus Q
Magnus W
Magnus E
Magnus R
Medusa Q
Medusa W
Medusa E
Medusa R
Meepo Q
Meepo W
Meepo E
Meepo R
Mirana Q
Mirana W
Mirana E
Mirana R
Monkey King Q
Monkey King W/E
Monkey King D
Monkey King F
Monkey King R
Morphling Q
Morphling W/E
Morphling D/F
Morphling R
Naga Siren Q
Naga Siren W
Naga Siren E
Naga Siren R
Nature's Prophet Q
Nature's Prophet W
Nature's Prophet E
Nature's Prophet R
Necrophos Q
Necrophos W
Necrophos E
Necrophos R
Night Stalker Q
Night Stalker W
Night Stalker E
Night Stalker R
Nyx Assassin Q
Nyx Assassin W
Nyx Assassin E
Nyx Assassin D (Aghs)
Nyx Assassin R
Ogre Magi Q
Ogre Magi W
Ogre Magi E
Ogre Magi D (Aghs)
Ogre Magi R
Omniknight Q
Omniknight W
Omniknight E
Omniknight R
Oracle Q
Oracle W
Oracle E
Oracle R
Outworld Devourer Q
Outworld Devourer W
Outworld Devourer E
Outworld Devourer R
Pangolier Q
Pangolier W
Pangolier E
Pangolier R
Phantom Assassin Q
Phantom Assassin W
Phantom Assassin E
Phantom Assassin R
Phantom Lancer Q
Phantom Lancer W
Phantom Lancer E
Phantom Lancer R
Phoenix Q
Phoenix W
Phoenix E
Phoenix R
Puck Q/D
Puck W
Puck E
Puck R
Pudge Q
Pudge W
Pudge E
Pudge R
Pugna Q
Pugna W
Pugna E
Pugna R
Queen of Pain Q
Queen of Pain W
Queen of Pain E
Queen of Pain R
Razor Q
Razor W
Razor E
Razor R
Riki Q
Riki W
Riki E
Riki R

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