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QUIZ: Can you name the Star Wars Characters by a Short Description?

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Commander of Stormtroopers in the First Order
The Chosen One with a scar
The Chosen One with a stick
Poor orphan who had their home planet destroyed
900 year old Jedi
The apprentice of Darth Plagueis
Commander of Seperatist Droids
Apprentice of Qui-Gon Jinn
Anakin's Wife
The Last Jedi
Killed by Tusken Raiders
Anakin's First Arch Enemy
Person who saved the life of Jar Jar Binks
The Wookie
Space Pirate
Blamed for putting Solo in Carbonite
Native of the cloud city of Bespin
Bounty Hunter who lost his jetpack in a fight
Eaten by the Sarlac
A huge monster belonging to Jabba
A person who gave their life to save Padme
Breathing Mask- but not Vader. Not immiortall- but very close.
Someone who got killed trying to claim a bounty
Ben Solo- Not quiet...
Sidious's SECOND apprentice

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