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Can you name the Can you Name These Spongebob Characters based on their quotes?

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'It's called the ugly barnacle. Once there was an ugly barnacle. He was so ugly that everybody dies. The end.' 
'I'm ready!' 
'Am I going to get paid overtime for this?' 
'Money, Money, Money, Money!' 
'Eye went to college.' 
'I’ll see you later, SpongeBob. Things are getting a little weird around here.' 
'SpongeBob's actin' jumpier than a rattlesnake in a pickle barrel! Wait, what?' 
'The babes and the big chair are great, but the best part is knowing you’re the only thing that stands between these good people and a watery grave. And that's what its all about.' 
'I'm tired of playing second banana to a man that wears a bra!' 
'Bel- Belt out of control. Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Belt on too hard. It's tickling my D-N-A. Make it stop! Please!' 
'Did someone say evil?' 
'You?! SCARY?!?!?!?!?!?!?!' 
'Ah, I feel so serene now that I'm away from that homicidal maniac, SpongeBob!' 
'In dreams, one is not tethered by earthly limitations.' 
'Hey, kids, I hope you enjoyed the show, because it's time for you to walk the plank!' 
'Laser technology. Score one for the future.' 
'Plankton: 1% Evil, 99% Hot Gas.' 
'Oh, don’t worry SpongeBob, I knew it would be a total disaster all along. But as long as disasters go, that was really fun.' 
Hommina, 'Hommina, Hommina, Hommina, Hommina.' 

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