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Can you name the European Horse ofYear?

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trainer and yearanswerhow many letters
e pollet 19653.4,2
v o'brien 19708
i balding 19714,4
d hern 19729,6
v o'brien 19777
m stoute 19817
g harwood 19867,5
f boutin 19915
c brittain 19924,8
i balding 19938
l cumani 19948
j oxx 19959.5
e lellouche 19968
trainer and yearanswerhow many letters
a fabre 19977,7
p bary 19985,4
s bin suroor 19997
a o'brien 20006,8
s bin suroor 20019,5
a 'brien 20024,2,9
a de royer-dupre 20039
e dunlop 20045,5
a fabre 20059,3
e dunlop 20065,5
a o'brien 20075,6
a de royer-dupre 20087
j oxx 20093,3,5

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