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Can you name the Can you name the Eminem songs by the lyrics of the chorus??

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Marshall Mathers LPCuz I am, whatever you say i am, if i wasn't then why would i say i am?
Slim Shady LPI never meant to give you mushrooms girl, I never meant to bring you to my world
RelapseThats why im on what im on, cuz im like her!
Slim Shady LPever since the day i was born, drugs is what they say i was on.
EncoreYou dont know how sick you make me. You make me f**king sick to my stomach
Marshall Mathers LPSo you can suck my d**k if you dont like my sh*t
Slim Shady EPAll I see is murder murder, my mind state
RecoveryJust gonna stand there and watch me burn
Eminem ShowI said im sorry mama! I never meant to make you cry but tonight im [Song Title]
EncoreI know mommys not here right now and we dont know why
Marshall Mathers LPmy teas gone cold im wondering why i got out of bed at all

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