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What school was John Calipari the head coach of when he reached his first Final Four?
What school won the first BCS Championship Game held in 1998?
What was the nickname given to the Cincinnati Reds in the 1970s?
Who was the last Australian male tennis player to be ranked world #1?
Who was the last player to win the NFL MVP that was not a QB or RB?
Name a player other than Ron Artest who received a multi-game suspension after the brawl known as, 'The Malace at the Palace?'
Which NHL player scored the most goals in the decade of the 1990s?
Name one of the two boxers who retired with 49-0 records.
Men's Gymnastics compete on six events: Vault, Parallel Bars, Horizontal Bar, Still Rings, Floor Exercise, and what sixth event?
What NASCAR announcer is known for yelling, 'Boogity, boogity, boogity!' as the race begins?
Jim Boeheim is known for utilizing what defensive strategy?
What University's football stadium is known as, 'the Big House?'
Orel Hershiser is best known for setting what MLB record?
Who was the last defensive back to win NFL Defensive Player of the Year?
Name one of the two NBA players who have had multiple 50-40-90 seasons?
Of the teams located south of the Mason-Dixon Line, which team most recently won the Stanley Cup?
What is the lowest score recorded in a single round at a PGA event?
What team has won Serie A six times in a row?
What sport has the Pac-12 dominated, winning all but five of the championships on the men's side since 1969?
What school was dubbed, 'Dunk City,' during the 2013 March Madness tournament?
Which announcer commented on Katherine Webb's appearance during the 2013 BCS National Title game?
Which player had the game-winning hit of Game 7 in the 2001 World Series played by the Yankees and Diamondbacks?
Who caught Brett Favre's first pass?
Approximately how many feet is the NBA 3-point line from the basket?
What was thrown onto the ice in Game 1 of the 2017 NHL Finals, resulting in the fan's arrest?
What year did Tiger Woods win his first major?
What figure skater was attacked by an assailant hired by Tonya Harding's ex-husband ahead of the 1994 Winter Olympics?
Didier Drogba has the most goals of all-time for which country?
What does the acronym WAR stand for in baseball statistics?
What year were three eventual Hall of Fame quarterbacks selected in the first round of the NFL Draft?

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