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Where were the Olympics being held when two American sprinters raised their fists in a Black Power salute?
What team did Derek Jeter make his famous, 'The Flip,' play against in the 2001 MLB playoffs?
Who threw the pass to Christian Laettner for the game-winning shot in Duke's 1992 Final Four victory over the Kentucky Wildcats?
Jimmie Johnson won five straight Cup Championships from 2006-2010. The same driver book-ended his run with Cup Championships in 2005 and 2011. Who was that driver?
Which receiver caused Richard Sherman to go on a tirade in his post-game interview following the conclusion of the 2013 NFC Championship game?
Which player swatted a bat out of mid-air during a 2009 NBA game?
Fred Lynn was the first MLB player to win the Rookie of the Year and MVP in the same season. Who was the second?
Who is the only American male tennis player to win a major in the 21st century?
Who is the only Fijian golfer to have won a major?
What town is the University of Oklahoma located in?
Who defeated Ronda Rousey at UFC 193, delivering Rousey her first UFC loss?
Who was the first NHL goalie to score a goal via a shot?
How many home runs did Barry Bonds hit in his career?
Which country won the first World Cup held in 1930?
Who caught the pass known as, 'The Immaculate Reception?'
Four of the top five players selected in the 2003 NBA Draft have played in an all-star game. Who was the only top five pick that did not?
Who scored the most points in the NHL from the 1999-00 season - 2008-09 season?
What is the name of Manchester United's stadium?
What school was the last to repeat as NCAA Men's Basketball Champions?
Michael Strahan holds the single-season sack record. How many sacks did he have in that season?
What team holds the longest championship drought of the four major sports?
What type of golf course is in coastal areas and is characterized by sandy terrain and dunes with few water hazards or trees? St. Andrews is an example.
What is the current time for the men's world record in the 100 Meter Dash set by Usain Bolt in 2009?
Who was the Ohio State head coach who was dismissed after punching a Clemson linebacker during a game?
The Los Angeles Lakers represented the Western Conference in the NBA Finals in 8 of the 10 years during the 1980s. Which team represented the West the other two times?
What MLB player did the Cincinnati Reds trade to the Baltimore Orioles who then promptly won the 1966 AL MVP the next season?
What women's tennis player was given a two-year ban after failing a drug test at the 2016 Australian Open?
Who was the last international player taken #1 Overall in the NBA Draft?
Nick Saban has coached four Division I schools. Two are the University of Alabama and LSU. Can you name one of the other two?
How many yards was the longest kick in NFL history, a record set by Matt Prater in 2013?

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