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Can you name Watchmojo's Top 10 Funniest Movie Quotes Per Decade?

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1. Your Mother Was a Hamster 
2. You Know... Morons  
3. Don't Knock Masturbation 
4. Hand with the Bags 
5. Rub the Dirty Parts 
6. For One Dollar 
7. Empty Experience 
8. There's a Person Named Eunice? 
9. Where the White Woman At? 
10. Fat, Drunk & Stupid 
1. Don't Call Me Shirley 
2. Memorable Afternoon 
3. Lump of Coal Up His A** 
4. Haven't Been F***** in a Year 
5. In Dire Need of a Blow job 
6. Nice Beaver 
7. We're All Gonna Get Laid 
8. Last Time I Was Inside a Woman... 
9. Did a Bus Park on Your Face? 
10. I'm a Mog 
1. Bigger Titties Than You 
2. Totally Redeem Yourself 
3. I Get Older, They Stay the Same Age 
4. The Judgement 
5. Compensate for Smaller Genitals 
6. I Thought I Had Mono Once for an Entire Year 
7. If I'm Not Back in 5 Minutes... 
8. Does This Suit Make Me Look Fat? 
9. OneEyed Snake 
10. Pieces of S*** for Breakfast 
1. Fit Inside the Building 
2. Rude Words 
3. A Different Kind of Iron Chef 
4. A Bag of Sand 
5. 60% of the Time It Works Everytime 
6. Unfunny Version of 'Everybody Loves Raymond' 
7. Never Go Full Retard 
8. I'm Hammered Drunk 
9. I Have Nipples, Greg 
10. If I Grew Up on a Farm 
1. Welcome to the 21st Century, Buck Rogers 
2. Preferred Suicide Method 
3. Climb That Like a Tree 
4. Mumford & Sons Concert 
5. I Love You Girls 
6. Your Farts Aren't Manly 
7. Who the Hell is Julius Caesar 
8. Ve-Gone Be Gone 
9. Monkey on Roller Skates 
10. Finish Him Like a Cheesecake 

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