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Can you name the character or TV show that were listed on The top 10 memorable TV characters according to

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1. Henry Winkler 
2. Carroll O'Connor 
3. Red Foxx 
4. Sherman Hemsley 
5. John Ritter 
6. Larry Hagman 
7. Mary Tyler Moore 
8. Gary Coleman 
9. Alan Alda 
10. John Cleese  
1. Ted Danson 
2. Bill Cosby 
3. Ed O'Neil 
4. Michael J. Fox 
5. Mr. T 
6. Richard Dean Anderson 
7. Joan Collins 
8. David Hasselhoff 
9. Estelle Getty 
10.Tom Selleck 
1. Will Smith 
2. Matthew Perry 
3. Michael Richards 
4. Sarah Jessica Parker 
5. Kelsey Grammer 
6. Sarah Michelle Gellar 
7. Jaleel White 
8. David Duchovny 
9. Megan Mullally 
10. Tim Allen 
1. James Gandolfini  
2. Bryan Cranston  
3. Jon Hamm 
4. Michael C. Hall 
5. Kiefer Sutherland 
6. Steve Carrell 
7. Terry O'Quinn 
8. Neil Patrick Harris 
9. Michael K. Williams 
10. Hugh Laurie 
1. Peter Dinklage 
2. Kevin Spacey 
3. Matthew McConaughey  
4. Uzo Aduba 
5. Sofia Vergara 
6. Norman Reedus 
7. Lena Dunham 
8. Danny Pudi 
9. Idris Elba 
10. Bellamy Young 

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