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Can you name the movie or character from Watchmojo Top 10 Memorable Movie Characters?

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1. Harrison Ford 
2. Pat Welsh (voice) 
3. Christopher Lloyd 
4. Al Pacino 
5. Tom Cruise 
6. Bruce Willis 
7. Robert Englund 
8. Jack Nicholson  
9. Sylvester Stallone 
10. Eddie Murphy 
1. Arnold Schwarzenegger  
2. Anthony Hopkins 
3. Tom Hanks 
4. Keanu Reeves 
5. Mike Myers 
6. Johnny Depp 
7. Robin Williams 
8. Samuel L. Jackson 
9. Jeff Bridges 
10. Brad Pitt 
1. Heath Ledger  
2. Daniel Radcliffe  
3. Andy Serkis (voice) 
4. Johnny Depp 
5. Uma Thurman 
6. Hugh Jackman 
7. Javier Bardem 
8. Mike Myers (voice) 
9. Audrey Tautou 
10. Will Ferrell 
1. Jennifer Lawrence 
2. Idina Menzel (voice) 
3. Leonardo DiCaprio 
4. Tom Hardy 
5. J.K Simmons 
6. Christoph Waltz 
7. Adam Driver 
8. Scarlett Johansson (voice) 
9. Andy Serkis (voice) 
10. Rooney Mara  

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