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Can you name Watchmojo's Top 10 Hilarious Movie Deaths?

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1.Ran over & shot with a bazooka 
2. Caught on a factory hook by his eye 
3. Eaten by a shark (with poor special effects... if I may add) 
4. Incinerated after a gasoline fight 
5. Shot by a lunatic (on Garbage Day!) 
6. Jumped off a building & landing on 'bushes' 
7. Inflates his own self due to anger 
8. Shot with an inflation gun & hits the roof... HARD! 
9. Faught a martial artist who was taught by a cat 
10. Rides a nuclear bomb as if it were a bull 
1. Shot & takes a while dying 
2. Incinerated by a fart, which makes the resort explode 
3. Overpowered soda machine 
4. Head explosion  
5. Eaten by goblins... Or trolls 
6. Ran over by a steamroller  
7. Stabbed by nature & another guy falls in a woodchipper  
8. Accidental gunfire 
9. Eaten by a shark (after a great speech) 
10. Let's just say: never bring a sword to a gun fight 
1. Falls outta window after seeing a gator's head 
2. Shot like a bomb exploding 
3. Bad guys shot by a sword that acts like a Nerf gun 
4.Controlled assassinator kills girl and plunges on a baby monster and makes a whoopie cushion sound 
5. Being used as a human shield (and she still lived... somewhat) 
6. Killed like a water balloon that can't hold no more water 
7. Shot after a closet surprise 
8. Killed by stones and a giant one (as well) 
9. Squished by a sign 
10. Hit by a bus 
1. Beaten to death by his own arm 
2. Electrocuted by a space heater while in a hot tub 
3. Flung in the air by magic (per se) 
4. Eaten by a (puppet) shark 
5. Fall off a building and gets trampled on by a bus,, a steamroller, and a marching band 
6. Thrown in a fire pit & then shot 
7. Banged against the wall by a... snowman??? 
8. Street light in the torso 
9. Fedded rat poison 
10. Head splits by a goon with an axe 

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