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Can you correctly answer if these things are red (r), yellow (y) or green (g)?

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The McDonald's logo
The Powerpuff Girl's Buttercup's eyes
Charlie Brown's shirt
Buzz Lightyear's Spacesuit
The Voice chairs
That 70s Show character, ___ Forman
The Incredibles' costumes
Lightning McQueen (not counting the bolt)
The Hunt for ___ October
Tweety bird
The Fairly OddParent's Cosmo's hair
Sesame Street's Bert
2000 Coldplay song
Fat Albert's shirt
Fried ___ Tomatoes
Mickey Mouse's shorts
DC Superhero: ___ Lantern
Musician: Al ___
Goofy's hat
Despicable Me's Minions
Winnie the Pooh's skin
Superman's cape
The Mask's face
Mike Wazowski
Bruce Willis 2010 film
Rudolph, the ___ Nosed Reindeer
Alvin & the Chipmunks's Theodore's shirt
Super Saiyan Goku's hair

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