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Can you name the Rotten Tomatoes 50 Worst Summer Movies of All Time?

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RankMovieActor (Year)
1.Jon Voight (2004)
2.Lorraine Gary (1987)
3.Milla Jovovich (1991)
4.John Candy (1994)
5.John Travolta (1983)
6.Ronald McDonald (1988)
7.Dana Carvey (2002)
8.Cuba Gooding Jr. (2007)
9.Carmen Electra (2008)
10.Selena Gomez (2013)
11.Lori Heuring (2000)
12.John Travolta (2000)
13.Kim Basinger (2000)
14.Stephen Dorff (2002)
15.Matt Dillon (2002)
16.Sandra Bullock (1997)
17.Tim Allen (2006)
18.Ashley Greene (2012)
19.Macaulay Culkin (1994)
20.Matthew Perry (2002)
21.Hilary Duff (2006)
22.Brad Pitt (1992)
23.John Ritter (1990)
24.Joe Pesci (1997)
25.Michael Chiklis (1989)
RankMovieActor (Year)
26.Dan Akroyd (1988)
27.Ken Jeong (2010)
28.Eddie Murphy (2002)
29.Uma Thurman (1998)
30.Dan Green (2004)
31.Jean Claude Van Damme (1999)
32.Larry the Cable Guy (2007)
33.Drake Bell (2008)
34.Tom Cruise (1988)
35.Jeanne Tripplehorn (1997)
36.Thomas Ian Nicholas (1995)
37.Dev Patel (2010)
38.Ben Affleck (2003)
39.Hilary Duff (2005)
40.Vin Diesel (2008)
41.Harrison Ford (2013)
42.Mike Vogel (2005)
43.Big Boi (of OutKast) (2007)
44.Greg Kinnear (1997)
45.Shaquille O'Neal (1996)
46.Mario Van Peebles (1996)
47.Roberto Benigni (1993)
48.Patrick Dempsey (1991)
49.Pauly Shore (1994)
50. Robin Williams (2007)

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