Television Quiz / MsMojo's Top 10 Individual 'Friends' Moments

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1. Her Introduction 
2. Making Trifle 
3. When She Was “Over” Ross 
4. Seducing Joshua 
5. Her Hairless Cat 
6. The Videotape 
7. The Mr. Beaumont 
8. Being Mindy's Bridesmaid 
9. The Eye Drops 
10. Singing Baby Got Back 
1. Erogenous Zones 
2. The Turkey 
3. Do You Think He Knew I Was Here? 
4. Seducing Chandler While Sick 
5. I'm Breezy 
6. It's the Humidity 
7. When Monica Tried To Not Be As Clean 
8. Dancing Monica: Before Weight Loss 
9. Dating a MUCH Younger Guy 
10. I KNOW! 
1. Smelly Cat 
2. Bagpipes 
3. Seducing Chandler 
4. Running with Rachel 
5. Trying to Teach Joey How to Speak French 
6. The Fire Alarm 
7. Meeting Mike's Parents 
8. Her Sexy Phlegm 
9. Being an Extra on Joey's Soap Opera 
10. Princess Consuela Banana-Hammock 
1. 'How You Doin'' 
2. 'Could I Be Wearing Any More Clothes' 
3. The Game Show (Pyramid) 
4. 'Joey Doesn't Share Food!' 
5. Smell-the-Fart Acting 
6. Joey At Thanksgiving 
7. Letter of Recommendation  
8. Joey's New Brain 
9. Spit Acting 
10. 100% Natural 
1. Phoebe vs. Chandler 
2. ALL Janice 
3. Advertising Brainstorming 
4. The Blackout 
5. Flashback Chandler 
6. When He Takes a Bath 
7. Chandler Can't Catch Things 
8. The Shark Porn 
9. The Cheesecakes 
10. The Tailor Incident 
1. Pivot! 
2. 'My Sandwich?!' 
3. The Holiday Armadillo 
4. The Leather Pants 
5. I'm Fine! 
6. Playing the Bagpipes 
8. His Fake Accent 
9. It's Laminated! 
10. His Teeth 
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