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Can you name the films by the the fictional lost and found postings below?

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A wooden mask that looks creepy because there's a wave of green when you try to put it on
Something that looks like a pen and flashes when you push the... what were we talking about now?
A vial with some weird liquid in it that if you drink it, women will immediately find you irresistible
A snowglobe that's seen better days; its half off. We also found a sled thats also half off
A talking plant in a Maxwell House coffee can. But don't try to feed it
A ticket to a wonderful manufaturing place, that's only good til Feb. 1
A pair of sunglasses that makes you see if people are aliens. Warning: symptons include hangover
A futuristic remote that can control your life. Just don't push the fast foward button so much
A pair of red sparkling shoes that magically send you home. We found them under a house
A box that you probably don't wanna know what's in it, but you'll keep asking 'What's in the box?'
A hammer that nearly no one can pick up. What's strange is that how it even wound up here since we couldn't pick it up ourselves
A cute little creature that you shouldn't bathe, put under a lamp, or feed him after midnight
A baseball signed by Babe Ruth. A big dog & its owner with a wannabe voice acting career found it
A phone booth that we guarantee your call will definitely go to someone (or more like...somewhere)
A pair of jeans that fit every single girl who came in, despite different figures & measurements
A wardrobe that's like a portal to another world. We took selfies in there, we looked old, but when we came out we were back to normal
A pair of woman's undergarments. They are slightly used & worth more than buck. And boys keep coming in the store in awe at it
A Independence Day inspired shield that'll cut like a blade & has a pinball effect to it
A letter written from Abraham Lincoln. It does have blood and spit on it
A book filled with scandalous stuff about random girls. Our cohort Amber is still baffled about the lie of a hot dog

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