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Letter & YearMovieGenre, Director & Actor
A: 1979War -- Francis Ford Coppola -- Marlon Brando
B: 2003Comedy -- Tom Shadyac -- Jim Carrey
C: 1987Drama -- Richard Attenborough -- Denzel Washington
D: 1995Fantasy -- Jim Jarmusch -- Johnny Depp
E: 1969Drama -- Dennis Hopper -- Jack Nicholson
F: 1989Fantasy -- Phil Alden Robinson -- Kevin Costner
G: 1958Musical -- Vincente Minnelli --Leslie Caron
H: 2005Comedy -- Andy Tennant -- Will Smith
I: 2011Drama -- George Clooney -- Ryan Gosling
J: 1997Thriller -- Quentin Tarantino -- Pam Grier
K: 1971Crime -- Alan J. Pakula -- Jane Fonda
L: 2007Indie -- Craig Gillespie -- Ryan Gosling
M: 1993Comedy -- John McNaughton -- Robert De Niro
N: 1984Drama -- Barry Levinson -- Robert Redford
O: 1968Musical -- Carol Reed --Oliver Reed
P: 1996Biography -- Milos Forman -- Woody Harrelson
Q: 2008Horror -- John Erick Dowdle -- Jennifer Carpenter
R: 1954Mystery -- Alfred Hitchcock -- James Stewart
S: 2005Western -- Joss Whedon -- Nathan Fillion
T: 1984Sci-Fi -- James Cameron -- Arnold Schwarzenegger
U: 2000Thriller -- M. Night Shyamalan -- Bruce Willis
V: 1983Romance -- Martha Coolidge -- Nicolas Cage
W: 2006Biography -- McG -- Matthew McConaughey
X: 1980Musical -- Robert Greenwald -- Olivia Newton-John
Y: 1961Action -- Akira Kurosawa -- Toshiro Mifune
Z: 2012Drama -- Kathryn Bigelow -- Jessica Chastain
Letter & YearMovieGenre, Director & Actor
A: 2000Drama -- Cameron Crowe -- Kate Hudson
B: 1974Slasher -- Bob Clark -- Margot Kidder
C: 1995Comedy -- Amy Heckerling -- Alicia Silverstone
D: 1978War -- Michael Cimino -- Christopher Walken
E: 1973Horror -- William Friedkin -- Ellen Burstyn
F: 2004Biography -- Marc Forster -- Johnny Depp
G: 2010Comedy -- Nicholas Stoller -- Jonah Hill
H: 1971Romance -- Hal Ashby -- Ruth Gordon
I: 1996Sci-Fi -- Roland Emmerich -- Will Smith
J: 2007Comedy -- Jason Reitman -- Ellen Page
K: 2005Crime -- Shane Black -- Robert Downey Jr.
L: 1994Thriller -- Luc Besson -- Natalie Portman
M: 1944Musical -- Vincente Minnelli -- Judy Garland
N: 1995Biography -- Oliver Stone -- Anthony Hopkins
O: 1981Drama -- Mark Rydell -- Katharine Hepburn
P: 1960Horror -- Michael Powell -- Carl Bohm
Q: 2006Drama -- Stephen Frears -- Helen Mirren
R: 2002Crime -- Sam Mendes -- Tom Hanks
S: 1955Romance -- Billy Wilder -- Marilyn Monroe
T: 2011Thriller -- Tomas Alfredson -- Gary Oldman
U: 2003Romance -- Audrey Wells -- Diane Lane
V: 2008Thriller -- Bryan Singer -- Tom Cruise
W: 1989Comedy -- Rob Reiner -- Billy Crystal
X: 1998Sci-Fi -- Rob Bowman -- David Duchovny
Y: 1974Comedy -- Mel Brooks -- Gene Wilder
Z: 2007Mystery -- David Fincher -- Jake Gyllenhaal

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