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Can you name the actors and actresses by their best and worst film as rated by Rotten Tomatoes?

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Worst MovieActorBest Movie
House at the End of the Street (12%)Winter's Bone (94%)
After Earth (11%)Men in Black (91%)
Winter's Tale (13%)LA Confidential (99%)
Cocktail (5%)Risky Business (96%)
Hot Pursuit (7%)Mud (98%)
Stealth (13%)Django Unchained (88%)
Brides Wars (10%)Brokeback Mountain (87%)
Bad Girls (9%)ET: The Extra Terrestrial (98%)
Envy (8%)The School of Rock (92%)
Sex Tape (17%)Being John Malkovich (93%)
Stayin Alive (0%)Pulp Fiction (94%)
Gigli (6%)Good Will Hunting (97%)
Max Payne (16%)Three Kings (94%)
Worst MovieActorBest Movie
Cool World (4%)12 Years a Slave (96%)
Fool's Gold (11%)Mud (98%)
The Whole Ten Yards (4%)The Player (98%)
Jack & Jill (3%)Punch Drunk Love (79%)
A Thousand Words (0%)48 Hrs. (92%)
Batman & Robin (11%)Gravity (97%)
Twisted (1%)The Incredibles (97%)
Deception (14%)X2: X-Men United (87%)
All the King's Men (11%)Sense & Sensibility (98%)
Left Behind (2%)Red Rock West (95%)
Free Zone (26%)Black Swan (87%)
Playing for Keeps (4%)How to Train Your Dragon (98%)

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