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Can you name the Actors' Best Movies according to Hollywood's Top 10 (from Reelz Channel)

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Meryl Streep1982
Burt Reynolds1977
Julia Roberts1990
George Clooney2009
Brad Pitt2009
Leonardo DiCaprio1997
Angelina Jolie2008
Tom Hanks1994
Johnny Depp2003
Drew Barrymore1982
Sandra Bullock1994
Russell Crowe2000
Robert De Niro1974
Matt Damon2002
Michael Douglas 1987
Sally Field1994
Bruce Willis1988
Steve Martin1991
Harrison Ford1977
Jim Carrey1994
Mark Wahlberg2006
Reese Witherspoon2001
Ben Stiller2000
Nicolas Cage2004
Nicole Kidman2001
Kevin Costner1990
Natalie Portman1994
Halle Berry2001
Adam Sandler1996
Greg Kinnear2006
Marilyn Monroe1959
Charlie Sheen1986
Tom Wilkinson2005
Katie Holmes2005
Frank Sinatra1960
Ben Affleck2010
Kate Hudson2003
Sean Penn2003
Ryan Reynolds2009
Christian Bale2008
Samuel L. Jackson1994
Kate Winslet1997
John Travolta1978
Anne Hathaway2006
Gwyneth Paltrow2008
Sarah Jessica Parker2008
Antonio Banderas1995
Dennis Quaid2002
Eddie Murphy1984

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