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Whom did Miles Standish and William Bradford belong
Something 90% of Native Americans lacked to Old World Disease
When you use colonies, more exports over imports, and value trade through the mother country
common shape of colonial trade
reason of Jamestown's creation
the type of experiment that William Penn made
common form of direct democracy in New England Colonies
the war the caused the 13 colonies to tax, restrict and manage money closely
besides ignoring the tax, this was another effective way for the patriots to protest taxation
gave up 2-7 years of their for a trip to the New World and become a laborer
what three words create the initial identity of democracy in the Constitution
causes of Boston Tea Party
first 10 amendments to the Constitution
1840s concept of expansion ordained by god
doubled the size of US
secretary of Treasurer, helped start political parties
impressment, arming Natives, warhawks in Congress all helped cause
a precedent of Washington was to stay this concerning foreign wars
Where did Jackson and Democrats suggest and approve the move of Indians
a compromise to settle the slavery issue in 1820 by creating a line dividing future free and slave states
great time of prosperity during the guidance of Monroe
1st women's rights convention
Germans and Irish came in the greatest numbers during this decade
Southern states hated this tax
used fear and terror as an abolitionist
the manifest destiny president
Bleeding Kansas was caused by the
slave who sued for freedom and was told he was property by the courts
forced movement of Natives to the west
leader of the Boston Sons of Liberty
'the third,' the audience for the Declaration of Independence
land negotiated by Polk with England to share in 1846
Who said a house divided will not stand
what was Lincoln's goal in the civil war
Illinois senator who debated Lincoln and was voice for popular sovereignty
President of the South
first president to be impeached
Harriet Beecher Stowe's book
Used total war on the South, Loyal Union general for Lincoln
3 day fight, turning point of the Civil War, PA, bloodiest battle
Lincoln's statement of slave freedom
The defeat of the South at this battle gave them victory on the Mississippi
Tough Calvary general for the South who was later killed by friendly fire
The body of people who gained lots of power after the Civil War
the final part of the Anaconda Plan had the North capturing what city
laws in the South restricting African American privledge
Radical Republican who spoke up for blacks and led the Senate to seek impeachment of Andrew Jackson
plan to rebuild to the South
government funded and created organization to help the 4 million ex-slaves after the Civil War
in the Compromise of 1877 this man became president and the North's military left the south
the action taken by 7 states after the Lincoln 1860 election
the 13th amendment outlawed
a racial insensitive group that used fear to discourage African-American equality

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